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ACEiT Plus is a proprietary admixture designed specifically for Roller Compacted Concrete and Cement Treated Bases that supplied in dry (powder) form. As a cement hydration stabilizer especially designed to lower heat of hydration primarily in stage two of the cement hydration process while retaining significant water and releasing it to available cement particles incrementally through the cement set.

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The ACEiT System is an advanced system combining a proprietary admixture and applying an equally advanced finishing agent for use in and on low slump concrete mixes such as roller compacted concrete (RCC). The ACEiT System benefits in the construction of low slump or dry slump concrete mixes and enhances the properties of the mixes in surface durability, freeze/ thaw durability, increased workability and increased working time. The system also reduces compactive effort, can be finished and textured, is easier to construct in terms of retaining moisture and moderating the hydration of the cement.

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